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Monday, November 23, 2009

Wow.... London is so Progressive.

This comes from the Times Online. Evolution is going to be taught as a compulsory subject in public schools. A feel a sense of pride that we part of the Commonwealth... Well, at least in a symbolic kinda way. Let's hope that some of this progressive thinking trickles to us in the Great White North. Here it is;

Evolution to be compulsory subject in primary schools

Charles Darwin

Campaigners are delighted that Darwin will be on the curriculum

Evolution is to become a compulsory subject for study in all state primary schools. The Government announced yesterday that Darwin’s theory of how life evolved through natural selection would be a legal requirement in science teaching from September 2011, although it will be left to schools to decide how this is done.

The move, which was welcomed by scientists, comes despite a drive to slim down the national curriculum for primary schools and leave teachers greater discretion over what to teach.

British history will also become, for the first time, an explicit part of the curriculum that primary schools must teach, although it makes no reference to which kings, battles, periods or events should be taught.

Church and other faith schools within the state system will have to educate their pupils about the theory of evolution, although officials said it could be taught in a context that reflected a school’s ethos, in a similar way to compulsory sex education for children aged under 15.

“You could do that within the ethos of the school. If as a school, in consultation with governors and parents, you have a particular take on that, you would still be able to do that,” said a spokesman for the Department for Children, Schools and Families. The change, included in legislation introduced in the Commons yesterday, follows a review of the curriculum for primary schools published earlier this year by Sir Jim Rose.

A consultation on his proposals to loosen the number of formal topics taught in primary schools prompted calls for the curriculum explicitly to include evolution. More than 500 scientists and supporters signed an e-petition to Downing Street.

The new curriculum is to include a requirement “to investigate and explain how plants and animals are ‘interdependent’ and are diverse and adapted to their environment by natural selection”.

The age at which children must be taught about evolution is not specified; it must be included in science lessons “in the later stage of the primary education”.

The Royal Society applauded the decision and said that it would send booklets to all teacher-training colleges with information and advice.

Professor Sir Martin Taylor, its vice-president, said: “We are delighted to see evolution explicitly included in the primary curriculum. One of the most remarkable achievements of science over the past 200 years has been to show how humans and organisms on the Earth arose through evolution.”


  1. "Professor Sir Martin Taylor, its vice-president, said: “We are delighted to see evolution explicitly included in the primary curriculum"

    Yeah that will have creationists over there spitting tacks.Religious schools will likely spring up more and more everywhere.

    Then it comes back to government imposed inspections being done properly to check if certain levels of preferred primary curriculum is being followed and adheared to.

    Thats where much of the fun often begins .. Folks of faith are not afraid of a few white lies! or pay-offs for the future good of the ministry ..l.o.l

  2. Yes, but I don't know if they will make such a fuss in England. It seems like the real hardcore creationists, who are willing to take it to the high courts, exist in the United States. I am really happy about this news. It just confirms the fact that evolution is moving away from being seen as a theory and more towards a fact.

  3. No but what they try doing is first setting up their own schools and then claim money off the government etc for being a providor of education.

    Meanwhile they get to pick and choose who they employ as teachers etc,and mess around as much as possible with whats actually being taught.And like i said try using ways of arranging inspections to come out in their favour.

    I only say this because i know it happens a bit already.How i know is because even the cult my family are involved with are already using these type tactics.

  4. Interesting. Yes, I could see them doing that. Why do they not just home school the kids?

  5. More money and power involved in setting up their own schools and fleecing goverments,plus the added chance/bonus of maybe getting to indoctrinate other people.

    They can syphon off hundreds of thousands of dollars Tink.

    And whats worse is then there is less money to go around everyone including public schools

  6. Yes.... In North America, they are more home schooled. There is no service available for such extreme teachings.



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