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Monday, November 9, 2009

Quote of the Day

I know, I have a bias toward Richard Dawkins. The man just has the ability to say the right things. He also enrages most religious people, which is alright by me. If they really want him to go away, they would pay no attention to him. Christians should just leave him in his corner, and they stay in their churches. Their opposition and fear of him has made him more infamous and accessible to the public. Here is one great quote:

You cannot be both sane and well educated and disbelieve in evolution. The evidence is so strong that any sane, educated person has got to believe in evolution.
-- Richard Dawkins, in Lanny Swerdlow, "My Sort Interview with Richard Dawkins" (Portland, Oregon, 1996)


  1. Howdy Tinkbell ....Richard Dawkins sure gets lots of christian all riled up and frothing at the mouth like a pack of Rotweilers.

    He is quite blunt which many faithful folks are not so used to maybe.But really he is just saying it as he sees it.And he is right when he suggests lots of stuff ok at the moment within religious indoctrination ammounts to abuse.

  2. Yes, I agree. The man is sooooooooooo smart, and seems like a very nice and agreeable gentleman. I like his bluntness, and I agree with him that religion is very dangerous for the social illnesses that it causes.

    You know, they set themselves up. And, very easily their house of cards can fall. If you want to argue and presume that you have the answer, you better prepared to play ball. That is all that there is to it.



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