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Sunday, November 22, 2009

This is Kind of Fun

I found this on a website. It is kinda fun. It is the Atheists Ten Commandments. Sounds good to me, I really do not need to be told not to kill, cheat or steal.


  1. Likely America will be second to last to incorporate real science in the classroom. Well, not if Obama has his way. I like how he ignores the lobbyists on either side of him. Perhaps he'll just make learning Evolution mandatory, while we get our free social health care. That would be... almost progressive. *Sigh.

    Galileo, Darwin, and every scientist alive today is probably not going to hold their breath. Well, maybe the social health care thing will become a reality, but actually teaching science in the science classroom--God forbid! (Pun intended)

  2. Galileo and Darwin, of course, aren't alive today. But they are probably rolling around in their graves.

  3. These secular "Ten Commandments" are quaint.

  4. They are fun, and simple. I kinda put them up as a joke, just cause I like how they appropriate Christianity.

    I have hopes for Obama from an overall perspective. However, he is cleaning up after a madman tyrant. One of the biggest messes in history. And, I believe that this will echo through all of North America. It is what the majority wants.



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