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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Interesting Little Gem

I posted earlier about certain retail outlets banning the Christian messages associated with Christmas for their holiday campaigns. Of course, there has been a reaction, there always is. You know, instead of understanding that they can keep it within the confines of their homes, they will always fight the need to keep it public. So boring. I have included email addresses at the bottom in case anyone out there wants to email them their thoughts. I plan on doing so, and will post my email later for all to see. Here it is, came from the Christian wire.

200,000 Christian Shoppers Wear Buttons That Tell Retailers 'It's OK Wish Me A Merry Christmas(tm)'

Contact: Ashley Tarter, Wish Me A Merry Christmas Campaign, 800-487-7137 ext 709,

MEDIA ADVISORY, Nov. 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- Over 200,000 shoppers are wearing buttons this Christmas season that proclaim a straightforward message to retailers: "It's OK, Wish Me A Merry Christmas(tm)." Individuals and churches around the country are partnering with the Wish Me A Merry Christmas Campaign mobilizing advocates energized for a return to the traditional, convivial greeting, bearing buttons that make a clear statement - "It's OK, Wish Me A Merry Christmas(tm) (". Over 200,000 of these buttons have been distributed nationally. With over 200,000 buttons on the streets and in stores this year, local store associates are likely to be presented with the opportunity to deviate from the corporate holiday wishing policy of top retailers like the Gap and Best Buy, and stealthily wish their customer "Merry Christmas" instead of the generic "Happy Holidays". But since 96% of Americans celebrate Christmas (Gallup Poll, 2004), it's likely that the store cashiers would prefer to wish their customers "Merry Christmas" as well. In fact 88% of Americans state that "It's okay to wish 'Merry Christmas'." (Gallup Poll). Pastors across the North America have lined up to support the Campaign. "Our nation needs to return to our Christian roots and values. Trying to remove the name of Jesus Christ from Christmas and from our society must be stopped," says Reverend John Mains of Fountain of Life in Johnstown, PA. In Ontario, Canada Pastor Troy Dingwell says, "I believe it is great that there are still people in North America who still hold to our Christian beliefs and traditions." Even Santa himself humbly gives credit where credit is due, "Christmas is not just about Santa and presents. Christmas is about the baby Jesus." Sue Fairchild and Reverend James Ritter of the Watsontown Baptist Church in Watsontown, PA sees the spirit of the Campaign, "We are using these buttons to encourage our congregation to step out in their faith this holiday season. We are coming together to put Christ back in Christmas." Said Campaign Manager, Ashley Tarter, "National retailers will hearken the public's message that it is okay to wish, 'Merry Christmas,' once again. In the meanwhile local communities are being impacted by the message of the Campaign." The national Wish Me A Merry Christmas Campaign is appealing to retailers to "put Christmas back in the holidays" with two straightforward petitions: * To actively retract adverse corporate holiday wishing policies, by returning to the traditional and explicit "Merry Christmas" phrase; and

* To restore use of the symbols, language and sounds of Christmas in in-store displays, signage and music, as well as in November and December advertising. From Florida to Alaska and into Canada individuals and churches have purchased hundreds of thousands of the red and green, "It's OK, Wish Me A Merry Christmas," ornament-like buttons to wear and share. For more information, visit - the first letters in Wish Me A Merry Christmas, or contact Media Relations at 800-487-7137, option 4. Merry Christmas!

* Gallup Poll 2004, PDFs available at PHOTOS:

CONTACTS: Ashley Tarter Wish Me A Merry Christmas Campaign PO Box 5398 Williamsburg, VA 23188 PHONE. 800-487-7137 ext. 709 E-mail:


  1. I think its a shame christmas has become so commercial.It used to once be more about familys being together didnt it

  2. Yes, the commercialism is really sickening, and a poor reflection on all of us. But, there is an aspect of discrimination to it too. The "Christianizing" of our culture. They seem to fight so hard too keep that nativity scene. I am so glad that I consulted the "legal" view of this.



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