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Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Look at How Diverse and Wonderful Life Is- A Roar from the Past.

Here is another pic I took of King Shit himself- The T Rex from Montana. I love him. This shot looks at his tail, and how long he was. Beautiful. We owe much to the scientists who worked so hard to recover him and piece him back together. I am going to start posting the pics that I take are relevant to this blog.


  1. Awesome pics thanks Tinkbell.We do owe heaps to the scientists,but imagine the excitement it must have been uncovering and recovering him.

  2. Yes, can you imagine. The work that went into him is so wonderful.

  3. @ Tink-

    I redirected my answer to your site, as I'm tired of listening to Makarios' blinkered propagandist, narrow-minded rhetoric, and sad attempts to get a rise out of me because he feels threatened by my intellect or something.

    You asked for an update on the current cosmological views. I'm sorry to say there isn't yet one fully agreed upon theory, but their are several testable and competing theories which may prove to be the most accurate description we have of the universe so far.

    Here's a link to a list I have compiled of some popular physics books which explain in more detail at:

    If you ask me which one I am currently in support of, I admit I am quite fond of the Ekpyrotic Cyclic Universe theory. NASA is currently developing a new satellite to test it, and we may know as early at 2023 whether or not it is a valid theory. I'm excited.

    As for an updated look into modern cosmology, I suggest reading all of these books. I'm sorry I can't point out an easy to assimilate website. I get more of my information from textual sources, but I do rely upon the Internet to find a lot of resources, there just aren't any easy to understand cosmology sites that I can point to off the top of my head.

    Anyway, if you have a more specific question, about anything... art, literature, history, or cosmology, feel free to ask!

  4. All that said, I just stumbled upon a great science and physics website:

    I hope that helps! Enjoy.

  5. Thank you... I will bookmark these.

    I actually am okay with basic cosmology, I took a basic intro course. So, I can grasp the basics. I will take a look at it. I really liked it, but I wish that I would have had more time with the material. My other course load was really heavy at the time, so I did not have the proper time for it.

    I am trying to learn how to debate people like Mak. He does not put up much of a fight when he is challenged. So, I may have to look elsewhere. Which is too bad, cause I think that he may be smart underneath all of that generalized crap.

  6. I guess that I am learning that many of them cower and cannot debate. I refuse to believe this.

  7. What is so wrong with being wrong? What is so wrong with not having enough information? Nothing, it is how you learn.

    I can recall, somewhere back, that there was a remark about atheism being the result of being overeducated. I am staring to wonder if that may be true. Seems like noone is capable of having an academic discussion over simple things. Crazy.

  8. I find that the more we inform believers the more they show their laziness in not wanting to confront the material. Instead they just sort of shrug it off and ignore it and hold fast to their devotional convictions.

    And that's fine if they're not going to peddle their faith-based initiatives or ideologies, but that's hardly ever the case. So if they want to be taken seriously they have to at least be willing to join the adult conversation, and more importantly, act like adults. I find many of the faithful are so stupendously insecure in their faith they can't bring themselves to be civil or discuss things cordially... they have to be right, otherwise... otherwise... there's room for doubt. And we can't have that can we? lol.

    I just recently wrote an article on knowledge breeding skepticism.

    If you're curious:

  9. Yes, I agree. And, fundamentally, this is where it gets interesting.

    On a personal level, I have no issue with a person needing faith. If that is what gets them through the day, what is wrong with that? But, there is harm in the way that this translates to the structure of our world. Their selfish need causes many ripples in our society, many of which are harmful. As you well know.

    I read the article- great way of putting it. I fought becoming atheist for years. I would identify as being agnostic so that I could keep the door open. Now that I have accepted it and moved on, I am a much happier person. You cannot take what you learn and come to any other conclusion, just not going to happen.

  10. I find myself getting pushed towards spitting tacks sometimes when they seem to start suggesting silly shit, like maybe our brains cannot be thought to have been used to work out and decide simple shit like whats shameful or not etc.

    Im thinking hello!! if that is supposedly such a hard problem to solve in your mind mr religion,how the hell do you think we are able to use our brains to sort out many other very complex matters.



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