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Monday, November 16, 2009

Awesomeness Quote of the Day

This one comes to us from Northrop Frye, another reason why us Canadians are so great. I love this. Here it is: In describing the state of modern day Christianity, he likened it to

"a ghost with with the chains of a foul historical record of cruelty clanking behind it...."


  1. Ohh yeah ..How they must hate and regret those clanking chains..They even try their best to cover up the noise of all the clanking too.

    But its just so very hard to make a skunk smell like a kitten

  2. Yes, I am reading this great book right now called The Pagan Christ by Tom Harpur. I would recommend it.

  3. Oh ok,and he is another Canadian too.See he was ordained a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada, is his book to do with whether Blind Faith is Killing Christianity.Maybe the thinking that religion not being willing to accept having obviously been built on much myth,will only just help kill the message of jesus as well too in the end.

    I see evidently the book gets the back hair of ol J.P.Holding standing on edge ready to brawl..l.o.l... So guess it doesnt really suit the fundy religious literalist tastes so well and has some of them frothing at the mouth.Gets J.P.Frothing ,anyway see here

    To be honest i dont read enough books like i should.And when i have read books its mostly been the books about the "how to do it" type things.Only more lately have i become more interested in other matters like religion and philosophy etc.

  4. Well, this guy is taking a pretty controversial position.

    He is talking about how JC is a myth, and that taking the story of JC is a literal fact is untrue. He has tied it into Egyptian myth, and that basically the writing of the Bible was done to "dumb down the myth" for the layperson. Each "story" is a myth symbolizing different passages of human experience. Interesting stuff, and I will put down more quotes from this book as I get them.

  5. Ohhh i see ...Very controversial! well that explains the outbursting of anger specially from folks like J.P. Holding....l.o.l ...He would have been a lot worse even that just being the J.P.Frothing like i had suggested......Would likely have been far more like a J.P.Exploding!!

    But anyway i think proof of Jesus doesnt prove anything more that id expect.A cult having been led by somebody named Jesus would mean little more and surprise me little more, than in many years time to come, me then finding out there really was once a cult led by somebody named Benny Hinn.It proves nothing much more than proving a Jesus cult actually once existed.

    It doesnt prove talking snakes or virgin births or that 5000 people were fed with five loaves and two fish .Or that people were risin from the dead.

    All it proves is a cult.Why is that so surprising?..look how many christian cults there are today.Heaps.....Sure bet there was a few back then too ... Specially when back then people relied so much more on trying to understand things through superstition.

    But yeah it still sounds real interesting that he is tieing it all in with Egyptian myth etc.Im sure much written within the bible has to be about stories that are just symbolizing things.

    I`ll have to see if they have the book in the local library,ive just found out lately our local library actually has a very good selection.

  6. Yes, and really, what harm is there in having a myth taken literally?

    Well, on a personal level, not much. On a global level, whole other story. All of the horrible things that have been done for Christianity. Well, that is where I have a problem with it.

    There is nothing wrong with someone who keeps it to themself. But, when they enforce their values on public policy, healthcare, education and civil liberties, that is when it becomes dangerous.

  7. Oh yes i do agree Tinkbell myth taken literally is very very dangerous .... Its fine as long as its known to be myth .. The god Zeus doesnt cause many problems ... And that myth said Māui fished up the north island ,doesnt cause any problem being its fully known to be myth .



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