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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back from the Dead... The Newborn Dead, at least.

So, I apologize for my silence. I have just not been in the headspace for much. Here it comes, one of my few personal postings. In September of 2010, I miscarried a set of twins. It was an awful pregnancy, I was so sick. I could not even hold water down for an ultrasound. That being said, we decided to try again. In April of 2011, I became pregnant again. Despite being pretty sick, all went well. And, in January of 2012, I was so grateful to finally meet my son. Here is Ari Atticus.
Motherhood has been interesting. I love the kid to death. But, make no mistake, due to the risk of further multiples, there will be no more children for me. One of the big things people used to tell me is that my atheism would change once I had children. Totally not true. I think that my atheism has taken on new dimensions now that I am a mother. In fact, it has made me more proud of the fact that I will impose no religion on this innocent child. He is getting the respect that I wish I would have gotten; the freedom to explore these types of ideas as an actualized and educated adult. He will never be presented with these ideas because he is a naive kid who will accept anything without question. I am well aware of that power, and I am very happy to know that it will never come from me. And, my feelings on the reproductive rights of women have become stronger. To make women submit to going through the birth process when they are not 100% ready is nothing more than completely barbaric and inhumane. So, all of you men out there who are busy with protecting the rights of the "unborn", I got this to say to you. If you are willing to gain 30 pounds, throw up everything you eat for at least four months, get swollen feet, take labor pains, get stitches through your private parts, get up every 2-3 hours to feed a baby for at least three months, and cry for 2 weeks because your hormones are shifting, you may have a platform to stand on. Hell, I would just settle for one of those crusaders to consent to stitches to show me that they are even willing to understand what it is like. Until then, as Keith Richards would say- Shave and go home. Anyways, bring it on. Give me what you got. I got my brain back now that I am no longer pregnant or significantly post partum. Happy to be back, despite having to take typing breaks to change crappy diapers.