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Friday, September 24, 2010

A Milestone in Reproductive Heath- RU 486

Lately, I have been hearing alot of talk about reproductive health. Seems to always come from men who appear to be interested in protecting "life", or the destiny of a pregnancy. However, I find it very interesting that people who really want to protect the life of a cluster of cells always want to deny women the access to safe and effective technology. In turn, many women are forced to pursue unsafe options in choosing what they want to do. Again, being pro-choice supports the platform of choice; supporting a woman who decides to continue or terminate her pregnancy. Pro-lifers interpret this as being pro-abortion; it is not. Just because they are anti-abortion or anti- choice does not mean that pro-choice is the complete opposition to their position. A woman's individual needs decides her choice.

Nevertheless, due to the persistent work of many women, it is time to celebrate RU 486. A safe and effective drug that allows a woman the right to choose to terminate her pregnancy in the privacy of her own home. Administered in a pregnancy under 9 weeks, no more need for going to a clinic where people scream at you. No more need for anesthetic, no more need for invasive techniques. Like all drugs, it carries certain risks; however, so does childbirth. A true milestone in women's rights and reproductive health.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This Is Just So Sad

More reports of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, this time from Belgium. This is just awful.... And, again, the Vatican had no comment. When are people gonna stop supporting this church? When are people gonna start demanding accountability from this institution? These people should be in jail.... And because they preach, they are above the law. Sick.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Most Selfish Man in America- Rev Terry Jones- Part 2

So, he has decided to not go ahead and burn the Quran. I totally disagree with this guy, but at least he got people talking, which is always constructive. Now, the holy rollers are going to feel vindicated. This is going to open up a whole other can of worms. Here is his official statement;

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quote of the Day

Here is a comment on Rev Jones. Comes to us from Col. David Lapan, who is a Pentagon spokesperson. I think that this encapsulates how I feel about this whole issue. Ideally, I hope that this controversy makes people think more critically about how religion is harmful to the world. It is, in my opinion, counterproductive to the actualization of the human race, and this is a great example. This statement brings the issue to the core- innocent people will suffer.

“No one is questioning the right to do these things. We are questioning whether that's advisable considering the consequences that could occur,”

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Most Selfish Man in America- Rev Terry Jones

I have been watching this one pretty carefully. To honor the anniversary of September 11, this genius has decided to burn the Quran in protest..... Part of the media bias and backlash over the WTC Mosque is starting, and pious, entitled, people like this are starting to crawl towards the surface. Despite the government and other religious leaders asking him not to do this, he is remaining steadfast in his determination. This has got to be, one of the most selfish acts that I have ever seen done in the name of Christianity in my life; he is basically making innocent American soldiers moving targets in the Middle East. I am all for civil disobedience, but this is just so thoughtless towards the soldiers over there. Principles over life- Principles always wins with the XTians- Screw all the rest.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Be Proud America... One in Four of Your Teenagers has an STD

So, Ginx has been talking a bit about this stuff. And, I found this article today. It is official.... The American Academy of Pediatrics is revealing that abstinence education and media depictions of sexuality have created a situation where 1 in 4 American teenagers have a sexually transmitted disease. Nice, yet another disgrace added to the litany of abuse given to the population from George W Bush. The AAP wants informed sexual education programs to be given to the kids.... Will never happen. Of course, most Christians will easily omit the abstinence section of this study, and completely blame the media for these findings. Nevertheless, normal people forsee that abstinence breeds deviance, and I personally thought that all along. My own father encouraged me to be sexually responsible and open; he opened the door for me to access birth control free of judgment and restraint with his full support. That brilliant piece of reverse psychology kept me a virgin till I left his home around the age of 19 or 20. Had he made me take a pledge to remain a virgin till marriage, I would have been a dirty, dirty girl with many stories to tell. Thoughts?