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Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Really Hate that I Owe My Sight to my Primal Fear of My Biggest Phobia

Here is a rather interesting article from the Toronto Star about Snakes. I LOATHE snakes... I am terrified of them. However, putting all of my fear aside, this article is an interview with a scientist who believes that primates may have developed sight due to fear of snakes. It also suggests that at one time, humans and primates were food for them, and this is why our eyes evolved. Interesting stuff, and may very well answer that evolutionary enigma about why our sight evolved the way that it did.
Here is the link:


  1. "I LOATHE snakes... I am terrified of them."

    L.o.l ..Cant say i like the idea of them to much either myself.

    Im jolly glad and mighty happy we dont have any snakes where i live...They have plenty of snakes and spiders not far from us, over there in Australia though.Its spider and snake alley over there.

    Strange how they got mega snakes,we did not get even one.And only a piece of sea between.

    No we dont have any snakes here in NZ,but still i tell for sure! if i go over to Australia well i sure still retain a good natural healthy dose of respect and dislike of being to close to to many things that go slithery slithery hiss.

    The Australians have always handled the high snake population problem too by just making very sure, to always be very aware of looking out for them specially in places they might specially likely be found.Like long grass or firewood or rubbish piles that sort of thing.

    So thats the magic of our use of eyesight for sure.

  2. Yes, I hate them. While we do not have to with the "supersnakes", at least this kind of explains why we have an innate fear of them.
    And, it is true what the article is saying. Our fear is taught, much how they described it with the chimps. I learned to fear them from my mom, or I am sure that I did. At least this sort of explains why our eyesight is as evolved as it is.



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