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Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is Exciting- More News from the Study of Genomes

This article was in today's Globe and Mail. Scientists believe that they have found the gene that has caused speech in humans. Or, specifically, the mutated gene that may have triggered speech in humans. I have to say, I get excited when I hear of more of the discoveries that they are finding in genetic research. Here it is:


  1. Yeah Tinkbell this stuff is exciting,its truely amazing what we are finding out about stuff more and more these days.

    On that link

    Mr. Bickerton said.

    “Every other species gets along just fine without it,” Mr. Bickerton wrote in an e-mail. “We must have had some need that other species didn't have.”

    I question what it seems he is suggesting here that other species just simply get along fine without it .Personally i think its more about that other species just find other different ways to communicate what ever way they are able to.

    I personall think i have yet to see other species that dont communicate with their own species atleast at some stage ..Most species atleast seem to communicate with their young for instance.

    But maybe Bickerton is talking about as in launguage like humans use...Which i suppose is kind of true....But once again different species simply seem to communicate more or less than maybe some others might,ive heard it said dolphins might have quite a vocabulary

  2. Yes, or maybe, in line with some other thinking, all species are always transitioning and we may just not live long enough to see how their speech and patterns of communication will fully evolve.

  3. Yeah id say so too.

    We tend to look at our lifetime here on earth as being such a long time,but really its not even a slight blip on the radar of how long the world has been happening.

    That the problem with peoples thoughts of evolution .They think evolution means we should be seeing lots of extreme changes happening before our own eyes.But much evolution happens so very slowly its hard to notice or even measure its occurrence.

  4. The only evolutionary process that measures our lifespan that we can register is viruses and bacteria. That is about it. There is a great article in the Toronto Star today that suggests that our eyes slowly developed in response to constrictor snakes eating primates, and us, billions of years ago. I will see if I can put it up later, interesting stuff.



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