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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stupid JD Quote of the Day

Because a certain "Christian" blogger (JD) likes to call me out and places my arguments out of context, I have decided to use certain quotes of his to my advantage. Here is his thoughts on poor people voting. Spoken with true compassion and humility indicative of any true Christian. If you find it hard to believe, then here is the link so that you can look it up yourself. I will give him more than he gives anyone, and you can actually read the entire thread and place his ignorance into proper context;

Where do we draw the line? Heck, let everyone vote. Unless you receive public assistance then throw your voter registration card out the window because all you're going to do is vote yourself a "raise" each and every time.


  1. Back to Reason #8- God makes you incredibly selfish and self centred.

  2. It's a strange scenario... if JD's religion is correct, he's going to hell. Is that textbook irony? I can never tell...

  3. Nice... Great link. I can never tell either, the lines get so blurred.

  4. I just looked up irony, and it will only be ironic if JD actually goes to hell... so sadly it will probably never become ironic, just un-Christ-like.

  5. I think that he is a pioneer, and could develop his own radical sect. The Christian that collects.