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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quote of the Day

This is a little deviation from my usual. I have found, what I consider to be, one of the most frightening sites I have ever seen. This comes to us from the United States, from the society of Christians for the Restoration of Old Testament Morality. They have "compiled this list of talking points to guide saved Christians in rebuking those who cannot or will not see the self-evident truth of Christianity. All of these talking points come from actual experience in sharing the love of Christ with unsaved trash." Unsaved trash..... So generous and loving toward fellow human beings. Here are some of their recommendations in debating all of us "unsaved trash".

Allege that “a growing body of evidence” or “scientific studies” prove your point. Hope that no one calls you on that. If anyone does, simply say, “Do your own research.” If you absolutely must quote evidence, find an article that those working in the relevant discipline have thorougly debunked, but that non-experts with an ideological axe to grind regard as Divinely inspired and inerrant. Alternatively, find three or so sources that cite only one another.

When someone presents you with with counter-evidence, and you don’t simply feel like ignoring it, ridicule the notion that the Bible is right only when secular sources confirm it. Alternatively, attack any source of counter-evidence as being biased against your position. After all, whatever disagrees with your preconceived notions cannot be true.

Here is the link, if any of you want to see for yourself:

Wow. This piece of unsaved trash has alot of work to do. I have plenty more where that came from. By the way, they spelled thoroughly wrong. I left it there on purpose.

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  1. I found your site from theirs - Heterodoxy, that is. The site is a spoof; it is a very aggresive satire. It seems to me you didn't actually spend much time reading there.

    While we're keeping tabs on typos - you're "simply a normal person who has chosen to live my free of both religion and a sense of God", huh?