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Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Question for God

I am going to start writing letters to God with the many questions that I have. Here is the first one.

Dear God,

I have a question for you. The Bible is full of many people that you have personally spoken too many years ago. In turn, they have written down what you said as laws that we should live by. Okay, but here is my question.

I see people all of the time who hear you speaking to them. In fact, we, as a society, give them thousands of dollars of drugs to block your voice. Should I be writing this down? Are you trying to communicate to humankind through them? Should we start advocating stop giving them drugs to fully hear your wishes? Do you wish my notes to be used to make a modern Bible just in case you have changed your mind on a couple of things?

I am really sorry to bother you. I know that you are busy overseeing all aspects of billions of human lives. I acknowledge that your job is hard. But, this would really help us all because I have become concerned that your message is being distorted by the medication.

Thank you.

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