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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Get Debaptized

Recently, I found out that my mother had me baptized as an infant. I was furious. I called her right away and asked her why she would make a decision like that for me. Of course, she offered no apology, no empathy for how it made me feel. In fact, she was quite smug about the whole thing. I found this whole thing odd, my mother is actually quite sweet and smart. Anyways, research has led me to find a way to undo the damage, and here it is..

Now, with the ease of this, I no longer have to walk across fiery coals as I originally threatened my mother with. My official certificate will come later. Perhaps, as revenge to her for baptizing me with my feelings not being considered, I will get her debaptized and see how she likes it. Actually, I will not. I don't believe in it anyways.

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