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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This Proud Canadian Just Got Much Prouder.... More Good Stuff in Ontario

So, I found this gem in the Canadian Civil Liberty Site. Apparently, the Gideon association was giving Bible's to children through the school with parental consent. Not anymore. Check it out. To actually view the documents, both the complaint and their response, here is the link;

CCLA objects to Gideons distributing Bible in public schools
December 15th, 2009
For years, the Waterloo Region District School Board has given the Gideons permission to offer free Bibles to fifth grade students in public schools. On December 4, 2009, CCLA wrote to the Board criticizing the governing policy and its historical and current application. Public schools should not be used as a vehicle for the promotion of one religion over another, or indeed the promotion of religious life over secular life.


  1. Indeed, I would rephrase the statement to read: Public Institutions, including Government, should not be used as a vehicle for the promotion of one religion over another, or the promotion of religious life over secular life."

  2. Slowly but surely, the house of cards will slowly dismantle. Piece by piece. In the Legislative Assembly in Ontario, they used to begin the day by saying The Lord's Prayer. No more, because again, it implies the promotion of one religion over all others. That is how this is all going to play out. That is the legal ticket. Either all religions are promoted equally, or none.

  3. Imagine if they had to say a prayer for each religion before they begun, Tink.

    What great comedy!

  4. Yes!!!! That is how we are able to start getting it eliminated in public spaces in The Great White North.... Now if the United States could adopt this position.

  5. Hey, cool stuff! Nice to meet a fellow Ontarian atheist :) Whereabouts do you live? (If you are comfortable with sharing that...if not I totally understand!) I'm usually around the Waterloo Region since I go to school at UW there. Small world...

    Lol and I remember hearing Dalton McGuinty suggesting that they should switch it up every day by saying a prayer from a different religion each time. I never heard the outcome of that, but apparently they decided to do the smart thing and just nix it altogether. Good stuff...when hearing about the crazy shit that goes on in the US, it makes me glad that I live in Canada. Not that we don't have problems of our own...but at least we're a little better off :P

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  7. I live nearby, let us just put it that way. I agree, while it could be very amusing to see them say every prayer, it really does not need to happen. I love it, that is how you nail them. And, you know, it would not be an issue on either side if they did not try to assume dominance over all other faiths.