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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Interesting Things Are Happening in Boring Old Ontario- Part 2

Anyways, here is the findings of the Court. Needless to say, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice found Christian Horizons guilty of violating Human Rights. They have stepped in and said that when rights violate other rights, the law can interfere. And, that they did. Check out the link:


  1. Found their policy discriminatory !, $8000.00 in general damages

    That`ll help! learn em, huh Tink :)

  2. Yes, there are serious implications for this case.

    They are getting public money and serving all denominations. Because of this, they cannot do this. So, they either have to shut down the whole thing (if they want to keep their policies) or get off from public funding, rely completely on private Christian money, and only serve Christians.

    Interesting times it is.