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Monday, December 28, 2009

New Addition to my own Personal Lexicon

I am sorry that I have not been blogging so much. Been pretty busy. However, I am going to start again. So, today we are going to discuss a new term that I have learned brought to us by Richard Dawkins. Here it is;

History Denier-

used for those people who deny evolution; who believe that the world's age is measured in thousands of years rather than millions of years, and who believe that humans walked with dinosaurs.


  1. The world's age can be measured in thousands of years. It's about 4 million millenia old.

    Also, two-word terms are so ineloquent. Why not just shorten it to "Creationist." Oh wait, that's not worth a post :P

  2. Nope it is not, and yes, I think that they may have been a typo in his book that I took it from... However, who am I to change his printed word?

    Yes, Creationist would fit. However, as I have learned,there are different levels of insanity attached to that label. Some creationists acknowledge microevolution and discredit macroevolution even though there is little difference between the 2. So, I kinda like this one because it does not allow them to try to distinguish their position. It just states it simply.

  3. Well mathematically, if you can measure it in single years, you can measure it in thousands of years. If you can measure it in billions, you can measure it in ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, millions... ahh, units of measure.

    What about "Retarded?" I suppose I don't want to offend anyone with trisomy 21.

    How about "Palin?"

    Quit replying to that stupid Palin everytime they post about how evolution is a Darwinist plot to take over Christmas.

    Or "Huckabee."

    What kind of Huckabee would build a "Creationist Museum" displaying people riding on dinosaurs?

    Those Creationists... they're so full of Santorum...

  4. Dawkin's history deniers also include holocaust deniers and moon landing conspiracy theorists, etc. Creationists just happen to be a sub-category of an unreasonable and deluded bunch of twits, if you ask me.

  5. There was a holocaust?!

    Are these also the people who claim Christianity saved Western Civilization, founded the first schools in the world, and invented science? [Where are you JD...]

  6. Yes, Dawkins has also lumped then in with Holocaust Deniers. Maybe I will post more of the passage, its pretty interesting stuff. I love history deniers.

  7. Don't forget, they also include global warming deniers. They basically don't believe in anything supported by Science.

  8. Until they get sick, that is. Then, they go to the doctor, get the drugs that evolution has taught us will work, and they get better. It is all fine until they need something that suits their needs.

  9. Global Warming? It's CLIMATE CHANGE now. Didnt ou get the memo? Gaia heats up AND cools down.

  10. those people who deny evolution

    In laboratories, viruses become other viruses. In nature, viruses become talking monkeys. Don't question, just believe.

  11. And just out today...

    No Rise of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Fraction in Past 160 Years, New Research Finds


  12. In laboratories, viruses become other viruses. In nature, viruses become talking monkeys. Don't question, just believe.

    Spoken like a true genius. Not sure if you are discussing your own version of natural selection. In fact, the vagueness attached to all three of this post really is living proof that monkeys can talk.

  13. I like your blog, I just signed up as a follower. I'v got a blog as well, and in fact translated Richard Dawkins' introduction letter to the Out Campaign.

    I like your style, I'll keep reading