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Friday, September 24, 2010

A Milestone in Reproductive Heath- RU 486

Lately, I have been hearing alot of talk about reproductive health. Seems to always come from men who appear to be interested in protecting "life", or the destiny of a pregnancy. However, I find it very interesting that people who really want to protect the life of a cluster of cells always want to deny women the access to safe and effective technology. In turn, many women are forced to pursue unsafe options in choosing what they want to do. Again, being pro-choice supports the platform of choice; supporting a woman who decides to continue or terminate her pregnancy. Pro-lifers interpret this as being pro-abortion; it is not. Just because they are anti-abortion or anti- choice does not mean that pro-choice is the complete opposition to their position. A woman's individual needs decides her choice.

Nevertheless, due to the persistent work of many women, it is time to celebrate RU 486. A safe and effective drug that allows a woman the right to choose to terminate her pregnancy in the privacy of her own home. Administered in a pregnancy under 9 weeks, no more need for going to a clinic where people scream at you. No more need for anesthetic, no more need for invasive techniques. Like all drugs, it carries certain risks; however, so does childbirth. A true milestone in women's rights and reproductive health.


  1. You haven't posted for a while. It's estimated that 100,000 abortions are carried out in Australia every year. I think it's a pretty sad statistic. In 2008, my state of Victoria legalised late term abortions at up to 24 weeks. It equates to whole generations being snuffed out.

  2. Yeah... not really. It equates to 100,000 mothers not being chained to a life they didn't want or choose.

  3. Yeah, its been forever.

    Ginx- I really do not think that people who want to suppress reproductive rights really give a shit about the life of the female who bears it. The woman is besides the fact.

  4. There have been statistically higher rates of mental illness associated to motherhood.