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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Very Interesting Photo Essay on Ground Zero

Here is a really interesting photo essay on Ground Zero. There has been much debate on this whole Mosque thing there.... I think that the discussion is difficult, and I have been having trouble formulating a solid opinion. Nevertheless, I know two things. When I went to Ground Zero, I was shocked and troubled by the Christian presence there. And, secondly, I feel that noone would be crying about it if the property was being used to erect a MegaChurch.... I digress, and this is the "beauty" of capitalism. This essay is a poignant summary of what should be discussed, and I really enjoyed it. Take a look for yourself. As always, all comments are welcome.


  1. it would be interesting if stats could be developed on how many lives fast food and alcohol have taken..... Probably would be impossible to piece together because they are more risk factors, and just contribute to the overall pathology of cardiovascular disease. Just like cigarettes do too.

  2. The people who oppose it are simply Xian theocrats and/or overly emotional reactionaries that have no trouble with tossing out the Constitution when it doesn't suit their whims.

    I'm troubled by a lot with this story. First, the right wingers are twisting Obama's words in order to use it to attack him when all he's doing is standing up for the Constitutional right for Muslims to build a mosque there. Second, they are pre-supposing that this is a Xian nation that was attacked by a Muslim horde and that this gives them license to discriminate against people of other religions. That's why a mega-church wouldn't arouse any complaints.

    So, how close would be far enough away? Should Muslims be able to build a mosque three blocks away? Four blocks? In the city? In the state? In the country? I've yet to see one of these right wing yahoos answer this question.

  3. Two things GCT-

    1. Our "friend" the troll is back at it. Look who he is on now. He has found this guy to pick on now. And, this guy was in the news so he is getting off on his trolling kicks picking on this guy. Go, and make him look stupid. Trust me, though, he is really doing a good job of it already. Here is the page;

  4. 2. I have been troubled by this story myself.

    It is only reinforcing anti Muslim bigotry that originated in the Bush times.
    The Constitution does not allow any government interference with religious matters, and Obama has pointed that out. The other thing is that there are already mosques in the area already, and this is just another one to add to the pile. Total crap.

    That being said, I loved the photo essay? What did you think of it?

  5. I loved the photo essay. I love the idea that McDonalds constitutes what we should have on "Hallowed Ground."

    Just a suggestion: you may want to make hyperlinks in your posts instead of just listing the URL.

  6. I know... I do not know why, but I have troubles with that on my Mac sometimes on Blogger. On Firefox, I cannot even load the URL. Not sure why. Sometimes it works on Safari, sometimes it does not.

    I know,... The hypocrisy. Pissy about a Mosque, but a strip club, off track betting and fast food are okay.

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  8. "Christians didn't fly those planes into those buildings imbecile."

    1) This isn't a Xian nation "imbecile."
    2) The Muslims building a mosque in NY didn't either "imbecile."
    3) It's unconstitutional for the government to block this you "imbecile."
    4) How far would be far enough away? If you're going to claim that Muslims are all to blame (bigot) for the actions on 9/11 and they should all be punished by not being allowed to build a mosque too close to "Hallowed Ground" why can't we claim that it was an attack on our country, so they (Muslims) shouldn't be allowed to build a new mosque on our country's soil anywhere?
    5) Imbecile.

    "Furthermore, Christians arent strapping bomnbs to themselves and blowing up people, aren't beheading folks of othe religions, and are not raving jihad 24/7."

    Yup, Xians are killing abortion providers, fighting against condom use in Africa, attacking people on other faiths (I seem to recall a recent action in Eastern Europe), buggering children, etc. Nope, Xians don't do anything bad at all at any time. Yet, because I'm not a bigot, I don't paint all Xians with the same brush for the actions of some as you do with Muslims.

    "As if I had to explain this to the likes of mental midgits like you."

    Wow, how ironic.

  9. Tink, you have to see this because you're the only blogger I know who watched Trailer Park Boys, so part of the joke will completely go to waste if you don't find it funny. No pressure...

  10. It is not a Christian nation... GWB used the sheep and convinced them of that. I think that this photo essay is way more poignant. It really looks at the larger picture, and how the deterioration of "popular culture" is assimilating into, what I see as, an "open air graveyard."

    No, Christians just try to dictate reproductive issues of women, stop stem cell research, oppose birth control, and dictate their will on public policy.

  11. OMG... Ginx. So funny, so fricken Trailer Park Boyish funny. I needed that today.

  12. I'm glad it didn't offend. That's kind of what sucks about my humor... I don't know if I'm going to get a laugh or a smack in the face. But I hold a stance similar to Republicans on the matter of the N word: I should be able to use the word "retard" because the mentally challenged have come a long way and can lead successful lives. Just look at George W. Bush and Sarah Palin.

    Only in America... no seriously, only in America could people that stupid have so much handed to them, even after coming in second.

  13. I so agree...... George W Bush truly is the American Dream the whole way (said with the upmost sarcasm)

    C Student all the way, given privilege his entire life because of his family. Spat on the Democratic process by becoming President by cheating and using the House of Senate to accomplish said goal (even the roots of that tree are rotten now). Got the Christians outraged over stem cells, abortion, and the gays getting married, and Muslims. Then, while they were all running around focused on those people, he sent over innocent people to die in the Middle East to ensure that the oil money rolled in. Then, left people to die on the roofs during Hurricane Katrina. And, his final rollout- steal all of your money, drive down the standard of living, and walk away to start really getting rich...... Only in America.

  14. I have been thinking more about this. Ground Zero, to many folks is the fault of religion. Unfortunately, religious people like to distinguish that is the particular fault of one religion... My comment related to the Christian presence means that they used the opportunity to project their agenda right on site with ill regard. To me, it is the cumulative effect of what belief does to this world, zealotry is just manifested differently depending on what you believe.

  15. "Unfortunately, religious people like to distinguish that is the particular fault of one religion"

    Takes two to tango.

    I see some Group in the U.S.A is having burning the Koran day ,and i also see many folks are thinking and worrying this act may have a backfire-effect on the U.S.A troops still in Muslim countries.

    Same thing .Two can tango.

    Why cant humans learn to simply accept being all the same humans.

    Religion is lots like name calling in a kindergarten school yard.One name calling category, begets another.

    So sad that so many modern adults still promote such childish practices.

  16. Yes, I saw that on the news tod

    They are insisting that they are going to go ahead and burn it, the government is asking them not too. For good reason, they are concerned about the possible backlash that could come to American troops. The group could not care less about innocent soldiers.... Awful.