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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Christian Horizons- Part 2

Last year, I posted about a woman who was taking her employer to The Supreme Court for her dismissal. She had been working at Christian Horizons, and had signed an employment contract with a morality clause indicating that she would not engage in immoral behaviour while working for them. This including gay affairs, drinking, and adultery. (The Nerve). Anyway, she came out of the closet, and they fired her. Well, the courts have started weighing in, and here are the results. They are bipolar at best. The court has maintained that the agency is within their rights to dictate the choices of their employess, however, they wrong in dismissing her. Might I add, they are also receiving public money. Huh? Here is the link, check it out.


  1. Hi Tink.

    The same "type" of thing happens here too.

    See here. "A school where teachers received unexpected late-night visits at home to check on their moral probity"

    "promoting any interest by students in university is forbidden."

    Tink, and our governments over here, even give these religious Gits! the money to help run these schools.Australia also! ,and maybe also even the USA and Canada?.

  2. I think that its disgusting. They have no right to judge a person. All that they can do is ensure that they are capable of doing their job. If a person is a raging drug addict, but is still functional in their job, there really is nothing that you can do.

    The government is giving them money. Which outrages me, sanctioning prejudice is not cool.

  3. Yeah i agree Tinkbell.

    Many in the governments bend to the will of these types as even when they choose not to vote,they will often still gift money for helping the coffers of certian government election campaigns.Especially if these government are likely to offer bias for allowing faithful folks groups more special privilages than the other government party likely will. .They dont mind white lies,they say its only action of the seven,but the honest truth is all members tythed money towards the campaign.

    That way government sanctions how the cults choose to treat certain people.I have some personal experience with actions of these mean and nasty cults and the outcomes,and its a whole lot like our governments are sanctioning types of torment and torture regimes.They do many things to people like Pol Pot style,but are careful not to use to much violence or actually murder folks.Instead they just abusive them and make them suffer for years,and shut them away from family and each other in a type of religious prison where people learn to behave through fear or suffer the consequences.

    Then when folks end up with problems such as P.T.S.D ,from seeing family commit suicide or through being quietly sexually abused as children,or through experiencing all sorts of lenghtly traumas etc.But then! the governments try ESCAPING needing to pay any compensation to try and help the religious war escapee get some sort of life back together if possible.Once again MONEY is what matters most to our governments .I know this first hand!.And escapees of these religious torture camps dont even have any family support system anymore because their families have been split to peices,they find themselves all alone trying to deal with a situation that seems impossible even needing to try and school the health system while living with traumas that even stop them sleeping.

    What make this all so much worse is other Christians only offer words of sorry or try apologizing for such bad behaviour suggesting those cult people are not real christians blah blah.They never bother taking any real action to try and stop it.Because they are treading carefully wanting to protect the right of religious freedoms,incase it might happen to effect their own brand of religious rule! in some way.Im left asking myself, so who really should have the right to claim being the real Christian here in this situation.

    And over here most folks in the health system dont understand how cults can effect people,its not something that effects high numbers of people and so they dont understand it.Its very frustrating when i find it feels like im needing to try and explain my condition.Imagine how it might feel if you had cancer but first needed to try and school ! the surgen ,before you had any chance of finding a way to keep on living.They might understand how trauma can effect people,but dont understand how trauma will effect some people who also have their whole family support group removed.When usually most often family support and understanding, is the biggest chance trauma victims have of acheiving proper rehab.They go to fancy universitys yes and get all their degrees in psychology or what ever blah blah,but if the university didnt happen teach them something ...They is often as thick and as blank! as some drunken deadbeat idiot on the street....Logic and common sense wasnt their major!

    This is why i decided something needs to be done about it.This is why i spend the time i do online discussing these matters and making folks of faith learn to start to face up to situations their faith creates.

    Some might say well why dont you hassle the government or the health system.But i decided if you want to fix a problem really you are best to try and sort out the cause as thats whats most responsible.

  4. Yes...

    The other thing to consider about cults (especially in The United States) is this. Many of them have been portrayed by the media as very "extreme". Like, David Koresh, etc. Most religious people are able to displace their association with them because of the sensationalist way that the media frames their behaviour. They fail to understand that the cult uses the same techniques as their churches. They also fail to understand that their faith falls under the same umbrella of control.

    I think that the media has an element of responsibilty for deflecting them too.

  5. You guys know what Christian means right?