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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reason #1- Christianity is Nothing More Than Recycled Mythology

Christianity borrowed its central myths and ceremonies from other ancient religions.

Again, this comes from Chaz Bufe. "The ancient world was rife with tales of virgin births, miracle-working saviors, tripartite gods, gods taking human form, gods arising from the dead, heavens and hells, and days of judgment. In addition to the myths, many of the ceremonies of ancient religions also match those of that syncretic latecomer, Christianity. To cite but one example (there are many others), consider Mithraism, a Persian religion predating Christianity by centuries. Mithra, the savior of the Mithraic religion and a god who took human form, was born of a virgin; he belonged to the holy trinity and was a link between heaven and Earth; and he ascended into heaven after his death. His followers believed in heaven and hell, looked forward to a day of judgment, and referred to Mithra as "the Light of the World." They also practiced baptism (for purification purposes) and ritual cannibalism—the eating of bread and the drinking of wine to symbolize the eating and drinking of the god’s body and blood. Given all this, Mithra’s birthday should come as no surprise: December 25th; this event was, of course, celebrated by Mithra’s followers at midnight.

Mithraism is but the most striking example of the appearance of these myths and ceremonies prior to the advent of Christianity. They appear—in more scattered form—in many other pre-Christian religions."

"The Pagan Christ" by Tom Harpur really eloquently draws the similarities between Christianity and Egyptian religion. But, if anyone needs anymore convincing, just pick up an art history textbook and follow the images. It really does not take a leap of "faith" to draw this conclusion.


  1. Are you saying Christianity went "green" long ago?

    Christianity appropriated the Hebrew texts and tacked on some Greek Neoplatonism. Presto, change-o, there you have: the Bible.

  2. How in the hell could I possibly take anything serious from some dufus who hasnt examined the issue enough to know that Zoroastrian Mithra had nothing to do with Roman Mithras? Their ceremonies, histories, forms of worship, nothing was the same. And yet this idiot doesnt even know that? Oy vay. Makes ME want to write a book entitled I Don't Know What the Hell I'm Talking About, but I'm Writing a Book Anyway

    "Ernest Renan in 1882 set forth a vivid depiction of two rival religions: "if the growth of Christianity had been arrested by some mortal malady, the world would have been Mithraic,". Edwin M.Yamauchi comments on Renan's work which, "published nearly 150 years ago, has no value as a source. He [Renan] knew very little about Mithraism..."

    "The festival of natalis Invicti [Birth of the Unconquerable (Sun)], held on 25 December, was a general festival of the Sun, and by no means specific to the Mysteries of Mithras."


  3. Actually... There is way more Egyptian in my interpretation. But, nevertheless, it is all recycled.

  4. Here you go wordly one- and this is a Christian reference for you. Otherwise, you will go apeshit if you see anything credible or academic.

  5. And, actually, that is a really nice concise reference for you from all of the religions that predated Christiantiy.

  6. And, actually, looks like you, as always have no idea about the distinction between the two.

  7. Tell you what Tink. Just list for me the rituals involved in both Mitha and Mithras ceremonies and if they are the same, I concede the point. Kapeche?

    1. Just because you choose to turn a blind eye to the truth does not make it any less true

  8. Once again, you are too lazy to do it yourself. And, you use a bullying tone to try to make it sound like I should do the research for you. Not gonna happen sweetheart. Read for yourself.

  9. It's all moot anyway. Xianity came from Judaism, which was an amalgamation of earlier Sumerian religions. Take the story of Noah's flood, which was an older story that was co-opted. (Probably when Abraham dwelt in Ur.) All they did was change it to a global flood, which seems like something that would happen in a game of Chinese whisper.

  10. Yes... It is all mythology that will go the way of Zeus. Just takes time, and more time than I have on this earth. However, the human genome project may help speed the progress.

  11. BTW Tink, Plutarch wrote about people following Mithraism as early as 67 BCE. It appears that it definitely preceeded Xianity.

  12. Yes, I know.... The form of it that he is talking about is some weird cult thing that is still around in obscure parts of India.

    Nevertheless, because I liked Mr. Bufe's writing, I posted it. I am more versed in the "borrowing" of Egyptian myth for Christianity.