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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


From what I understand, Christians are metaphorically speaking, putting chastity belts on their kids by guiding them into taking abstinence pledges until they are married. Why the hell would ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND want to marry a virgin? What if you are not compatible with the one person that you have chosen to copulate with? Wow, smells like a pretty sick joke to me.
Anyways, The American Academy of Pediatrics released this study confirming that this is pretty ineffective; It is good for a read. Thoughts, anyone?


  1. Losing virginity too late tied to health risks:

    In other news: Gay Penguins

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  3. Also, this whole abstinence thing retards your mental maturity and emotional maturity as well. Take it from me, I know, from first hand experience.

    And I'm not the only one. Of all my Christian friends who married virgins and themselves were virgins, every single one of them has confided in me about the stressful discomfort, awkwardness, unsatisfying (often repeated) attempts, not fun, uncomfortable, and disconcerting love making which was their first time.

    We all agreed that prior experience would have been welcomed. And for the guys, this prior experience would have deterred the lusting, and occasional affairs, because there instinctual desires would be kept in check with the knowledge of what it's like, instead of having to wonder. There would be no curiosity of what it would be like with another woman constantly plaguing them, pushing them to commit adultery. Having had experienced before hand would have eliminated the temptation, perhaps not the instinctual desire. At least it would lessen the impact of such.

    I'm confident that abstinence policy is the surest way to make virgin couples miserable before they find out they are completely wrong for each other. Not just biochemically but also physically, and are just as quickly divorced again, almost as quickly as they lost their virginity.

    It's a traumatic form of mental abuse to deny the reproductive right of any species, and that's what it is--denying it. Because their is no guarantee they will find someone for a mate. Prolonging your virginity because it's a personal choice is one thing, but to be demanded to with no guarantee that you will find your soul mate means one may be left with the possibility of remaining a perpetual virgin.

    Have you ever wondered why 99.9% of Muslim suicide bombers are young virgin males? (The other one percent is actually women who have been forced against their will to do so). It is because these little boys can't wait to get out of a house of screaming wives, and become a real man like their fathers, and take a gaggle of wives for themselves. That is if their fathers and Imams haven't married all the good ones first.

    So hard up boys, with a shortage of women, then the novel idea to promise them virgins in paradise in exchange for martyrdom? Such novelty.

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize a desperately horny teenage boy not in control of his emotions will do just about anything to have an orgy with 72 of the sexiest girls his sex-starved imagination can think of. Although the women may be covered up (adding to his desperation), he can be assured that once he dies a glorious death he'll be the Sultan of all paradise. All he has to do is push the little red button and praise Allah, Ka-Blooey!

    When taken to such extremes, we find abstinence can also be a deadly practice.

    So what have we learned from this? Abstinence is a good way to avoid catching AIDS, sure, but it will lead to a miserable post-pubescent non-existent sex life which is physically and mentally debilitating, and it also leads to the occasional suicide bombing. Great idea! Not.

  4. But, is it a good idea? Do you really think that it prevents AIDS?

    Thank you Tristan. You are right, and I have thought about much of what you said. Here is my two cents, from a female perspective.

    I read somewhere, and I can find the stats, that girls who have pledged engage in higher risk activity to protect their virginity. They tend to engage more in oral and anal sex which is riskier for them. I read this awhile back, and I wish that I would have kept the article. Scary.

    Learning to understand your sexuality is such a slow and interesting process that can be painful at times. Seems like such a bad idea.

  5. Tristan,
    It's also telling that states with the highest divorce rates also have the highest instances of abstinence only education. Correlation doesn't imply causation, of course, but it's interesting none-the-less.

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  7. No, the AIDs thing was a tongue in cheek joke. I hadn't even mentioned AIDs... but when I was touring Christian Evangelical churches in the 90s one of the things they often did was demonize Africans dying of AIDs saying that it's the promiscuity, lust, and depravity of sin which is causing the spread of aids. This is just plain ignorant.

    It's rape, violence, and the Catholic Churches suppression of contraceptives which is increasing the rate of AIDs. Abstinence vowed people can still be attacked and raped, so such Evangelical propaganda is just to scare people into thinking that if they cave into their human instincts they'll die of a horrible affliction like AIDs--or be unworthy as Christians--therefore lose salvation--and be sent to hell.

    Some of these churches actually said God had created AIDs as the modern plague to punish humanity--a very Pat Robertson thing to do. But he does represent mainstream Christian Evangelicalism, so nothing he says is all that surprising to me, it's just standard fair retardation. What's more, such spiteful words and libel about other cultures and peoples is a sick and wicked fear tactic and one that is rampant in Evangelical Church services.

    But imagine being a 10 or 12 year old girl caught up in that. What kind of damage that does to her. She's not just going to be afraid of getting a deadly STD, but quite literally, going to be terrified of sex. And she'll also come out of it all a xenophobe to top it off!

    When the time comes to be with her chosen mate, that sex won't be good at all, not because the connection will feel weird, but because in the back of her mind is the idea that what she is doing is a horrible debasing sin, and that literally ruins the first time for most virgins.

    During my first trip to Japan I was still a Christian, and my youth service advised me not to get involved with any Japanese women unless I was sure she was a Christian or at least willing to convert. I just ignored it, but that's the racial prejudice seeping back in coupled with the fear of sex thing.

    Then there are the other types of Christians, running around having all kinds of sex, and just "pledging" because that's the ritualistic thing young Christians do. Most don't even take it serious, but the ones who do (the one's with high moral values or low self esteem) get hurt, and some take years of recovery to get over the mental programming and thinking that somehow sex is evil.

    From an outside perspective this may all come as a shock. But I was in the thick of it for 30 years. That's exactly 30 years too long. Now I feel I must be an advocate for reason, not just because I think Christianity is entirely unfounded, but because it still continues to ruin people's personal lives in such cruel ways as this, just one example among many.

  8. GCT-

    Yeah, there may be something to that. Another reason I think Christians have a higher divorce rate than others is it has to do with Christians marrying too young, not living together to get to know each other well enough prior to marriage, holding each other to absolute promises, and a whole bunch of other relationship things that Christianity is just plain old bad at. So it's not just one thing.

  9. Wow, Tristan. That is so brutal. I am so sorry that you have been exposed to much lies and deceit. I really appreciate my atheist father, and "token" Christian mother even more when I hear of this. I cannot fathom having to participate in such control and deceit. Thank you for that.

    Here is my father's sex talk.... Basically, I was told that the door was always open, that birth control was just a question away, and that he loved me no matter what. Here is the catch- the fact that it was open, meant that I would have to go to him for help. I was so embarrassed, that I never did. Put that on hold till I left his house. Reverse control?

    I also think that Christians go into marriage without no clue of what it means. The church has told them what to expect, and that is it.

  10. I can relate to your latest comment. Reverse control is real.

    I couldn't stand the fact that my parents didn't enforce enough rules. So I started making the rules. It's as if there was a power vacuum, and I felt that I had to take the reins and lead by example. I still try to tell them what to do.

    I didn't abuse my liberty. I actually under-used it. Kinda like a billionaire who drives a Chevy because he is too lazy to hire a limo driver.

  11. You know what? I would much rather have my father's approach than any other one. He let me take the reins irregardless, which indicated that he did trust me. And, he should have. Underneath it all, I was a good kid with a big mouth.

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  13. Tristan D. Vick The article also states that losing it too early is a problem. If you find the person physically attractive, you will be sexually compatible. I would never marry a slut.