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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Funny For This Holy Sunday

As I was researching this morning, I came across many references to "winning the battle against abortion and euthanasia" in Quebec this week. To be funny, I read the Christian version of these events. The journalism left me confused. I thought to myself "It cannot be so simple and antatgonistic, there has to be a reasonable explanation." So, I went to the CBC to decipher these events. Here is their article:

Quebec abortion clinics excused from new rules

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Quebec Health Minister Yves Bolduc said he would remove abortions from Bill 34 that sets strict standards for private surgical clinics.Quebec Health Minister Yves Bolduc said he would remove abortions from Bill 34 that sets strict standards for private surgical clinics. (CBC)

Quebec Health Minister Yves Bolduc said Tuesday he will remove abortion clinics from a controversial bill that sets strict standards for private surgical clinics.

Bill 34 would have required private abortion clinics to have ventilated operating rooms and surgical clothing for all staff.

On Tuesday, the Quebec College of Physicians said the measures weren't necessary for abortion clinics. Several private clinics had threatened to stop providing the procedure when the province adopted the guidelines this spring.

Bolduc raised a controversy by initially suggesting it was the College of Physicians that wanted abortion clinics included in the bill. But Bolduc said he doesn't think the issue has damaged the relationship between the college and the ministry.

"I think we should always have a good communication and often when things like that happens, we just try to see what can be improved. One of the things [is] we can communicate earlier when we have problems like that," said Bolduc.

He said he never intended to reduce access to abortions, adding that the decision to include abortion clinics in the bill predated him as minister.

Hmmmmm. So the government has introduced a bill that indicates that all private surgical clinics in the province need to upgrade their services. Well, they really do not need to upgrade their services as it is not required for this type of procedure.
Now, it is no secret that journalism influenced with a religous perspective lacks objective integrity. But, this is a great example. So, here is the article that I initially read from on the same topic:

Big News from Quebec on Abortion and Euthanasia

These issues, which deal with the value of human life from conception to natural death, were given prominence in the Quebec newspapers recently.
by Don Hutchinson

Two issues of life were given prominence on the pages of Quebec newspapers last week.

First, Quebec’s law governing the operation of abortion clinics will change effective September 30.

It’s about time. I do not endorse abortion, but applaud the Government of Quebec’s decision to require abortion clinics to meet the same medical standards as any other surgical facility. It is a testament to the motivation of these clinics that three have advised they will close their doors rather than comply with the new law.

All three clinics, including Henry Morgentaler’s first clinic which opened in Montreal in 1969, promoted themselves as being open for business “for the sake of women’s health.” The Government of Quebec has given them the opportunity to meet a medical standard “for the sake of women’s health.” And, without effort or expenditure of a portion of the millions of dollars they have made over the decades of ending countless lives of the unborn, the clinic owners will walk away from their “principles.” The reason? They are unprepared to offer their services if forced to comply with general surgical standards – that is the performance of surgery in a sterile environment with basic sterile surgical equipment – and the financial cost associated with those standards.

The Government of Quebec has given [abortion clinics] the opportunity to meet a medical standard “for the sake of women’s health.”

Dr. Francine L├ęger of the Morgentaler Clinic is reported to have said this requirement is “a double standard.” Reports in Montreal’s Le Devoir newspaper indicate that neither the Quebec College of Physicians nor the U.S. based National Abortion Federation requires this “new” standard.

I’m fairly ignorant about the way the surgical procedure is performed but I do care about basic health requirements for human beings. Women undergoing a surgical procedure should be entitled to the same standard of care as men or women undergoing a different surgical procedure. Clearly, the government is not eliminating the performance of abortions in hospitals or properly equipped private clinics. It seems to me that the action of the Quebec government is not the establishment of a double standard but the elimination of one that has existed for far too long.

Of course, I would take pleasure in announcing the clinics have actually closed, no doubt with a resulting decrease in abortions and the damage, whether emotional or physical in its consequences, that so often accompanies the loss of that little developing life. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if this is grandstanding by the now wealthy owners of these clinics in an effort to test the reaction of the public, the resolve of the government or to seek government funding to upgrade their facilities.

We will soon know if 40 years after the opening of Canada’s first publicly advertised private (and at the time illegal) abortion clinic that same facility will close its doors, as a new age dawns on concern for women’s health. Hopefully this new age will be an age that includes fully informing women of the now verified high likelihood of emotional and physical consequences of having an abortion and the alternatives available. At a minimum, a woman will know if she chooses to proceed with an abortion that the procedure will take place in a proper surgical environment.

Lest we forget, all human life is unique and to be highly valued – from conception to natural death, including standards for surgery.

Don Hutchinson is Vice-President, General Legal Counsel with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and Director of the Centre for Faith and Public Life.


First, check out the man's credentials. He is "LEGAL COUNSEL".

Second, he completely neglected to indicate that the forced upgrades are not necessary to the procedure. And, you do not need to create a surgical environment for a procedure that is non-invasive. No skin is cut, no scalpels are used.

Third, all equipment used in procedures is sterile. I think that he is trying to frighten women back to the "hacksaw" era. We have come a long way baby, and that fearmongering will not work with those of us who are able to see when we are being manipulated.


I may have to write this gentlemen a letter.



  1. I find it ironic that a province with such a strong foundation of Roman Catholism was the first to have an abortion clinic. Not surprising is the perspective that is taking. Of course they are not going to full story, they will only write the facts as it pertains to their cause. Bravo to Quebec for making this exception to the law.

  2. Yes, I am assuming that they did not expect such a strong backlash. At least the Minister of Health has the nerve to backtrack.