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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quote of The Day

So, I got this message from one of my oldest friends. We have been friends since we were kids, and she is a mother of 3. I love her. She is also an atheist, and has been actively raising her beautiful children with no religious teaching. She sent me this. This is a conversation that she overheard between her four year old daughter and the kid from next door who was playing with her. It goes as follows:

"Miranda to Stacey, girl next door: "I'm the bestest girl in the whole wide world."
Stacey: "No, God is."
Miranda: "But God doesn't exist."

Love that kid.


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  2. Kids you gotta love em.They are often so honest .Sometimes even a little to honest for the adults comfort.

  3. Yes, but not for her mother. What I found interesting is that just as easy they adopt the religious beliefs of their folks, just as easy they take on beliefs that are not religious. She knows more about animals and dinosaurs than any kid I know.

  4. Gandolf,

    Shouldnt your post have been about 8 paragraphs longer?

    Youre slipping man

  5. Wow, JD comes out of his bigoted atheist and gay bashing to try and taunt someone. You're such a classy guy JD.

  6. You see... This is where it gets bad. As they say, one rotten apple spoils the rest. For the most part, the discussions that we have with the religious folk are pretty civil. But, not with him.

    Its really simple. I have all the respect in the world for the person who says this- "You know what, many things that you guys say are right. I cannot prove that God exists... But, I choose to believe in what I do because I have faith in it, and that is all that I need".

    Who can argue that? Not this guy though.

  7. Its ok ....Its just JDs way of teaching me how to turn the other cheek.

    Besides i already fully accept it would be much better if i could keep my comments shorter and more to the point.Just because i became atheist im not trying to fool anyone that i might be perfect.

    Because of religion and situations surrounding it,i had to leave home as well as school,before i even turned 16.

    I do my best not to let myself hate people.Even religious people like JD,even though most everything about religion has been like a curse and a cancer for me personally.

    So there ya go JD ....Just for you ..To keep you happy and sweet ! ....I posted 5 paragraphs

  8. Name one gay that I've ever bashed Einstein.

    In the unlikely event that you find one, was he bashed for being gay or was he bashed due to another reason and it just so happens that the person was gay?

    If I criticize the policies of Barney Frank, is that considered gay bashing?

  9. Wow, this'll be easy...

    On your front page we see "On Napoleon and Gay Samoans" where you assert that gay people are trying to subvert the education on American children and recruit people to their "lifestyle."

    Later down the page you endorse Ken Howell's screed against gays.

    Then there was your "argument" against gay marriage.

    Then there was the whole gays = Nazis thing.

    Plus, there's your insistence that being gay is a choice.


    Face it, you are a bigot, and linking to a right wing gay on your sidebar doesn't change that any more than having a black friend ensures that one isn't a racist.

    Ah, but you'll claim that I haven't "Name[d] one gay that [you've] ever based," by name, so therefore you're right and I'm wrong or I haven't answered your challenge. So, let's name Barney Frank. You've bashed him and every other gay by your broad sweeping attacks.

  10. You know what GCT, he is doing what troll's do.

    In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[2]

    He just wants to fight you. Don't bother. We all know that he is insane, homophobic and cruel towards the gays. He is just trolling on your ass, do not give him the time of day.

  11. Yes faithful folk really do have a few more important matters to deal with, than worring about going about bashing the gay folk.

    What bets will be placed here ?, on the chances that JD will be also posting this US news.

    Will it be one in a million?.Brothers and sisters hallelujah let there be prophecy

  12. Yeah Tink, I know. I struggle with the question of whether to feed trolls or not.

    If you don't feed them, then their rubbish goes unchallenged and others might think they've got a point or something.

    If you do feed them, they get their kicks off of it and they get their chance to be in the limelight and inflamatory and maybe drag you down to their level.

    In this case, I felt it was justified to point out that JD is a bigot, because he is. He may think that linking to a gay writer somehow absolves him of being one, but it doesn't. He's a despicable character that needs to be called out every once in a while, IMO.

  13. I know, and I agree with you.... But, the thing is, I think that he is the type of troll that gets off when we challenge him. I think that this is his kink. At the end of the day, if you do not feed him, he does go away. I called him on this on Feeno's blog, and he just came over here. Which makes me think that its all about how low he can go. Do not bite anymore. If someone reads his stuff and agrees with him, they need help too. And, they may be trolls like our local Gimli here, but I do not argue with trolls anymore.

    There is no doubt that he is a narrowminded, one sided bigot. But, he is a troll, and there is no way of knowing whether he purposely presents himself like that, or if that just is who he is. Either way, he has zero credibility, and us "atheists" have been too nice trying to help him and giving him the benefit of the doubt. My time is up, I call it like it is. Troll, and nothing more. I call him Gimli from now on.

  14. @ Anonymous

    LOL... It is a sure shot. And, there is the effectiveness of prophecy. Bet on the obvious, and it will come true. Is the article offensive to normal and rational people? Yes, Gimli will love it. Is the article a carefully placed piece of agenda spouting rhetoric that clearly denotes a one sided bias? You bet, the troll will use it to piss people off......

    Nevertheless, enough useless discussion. Once again, we have fed the troll....

    I love the quote. This is how religions start being dismantled on a generational level. Thoughts?

  15. Thoughts.Do like your new blog look

  16. Thanks.... It was time for a change.