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Thursday, October 15, 2009

What Would Einstein Say?

In March, The Globe and Mail reported that our new Minister of Science and Technology, good old Gary Goodyear, reduced major funding to research. He openly admits to being Christian, which is fine, however he is evading answering if he is a Creationist, which is not fine. Scary. I must add, I am a little shocked by this. Through all of my research, I rarely find this type of conflict within Canadian politics.

As you read, you will hear him explain how he clearly has an interest in science, this is interesting. By the way Mr. Goodyear, we all had to take natural sciences in our undergraduate studies. Like you, none of us had a choice. You may be able to snow people who are unaware of the process of taking electives in the university system, but you cannot fool the rest of us. I have my eye on this man. There is a problem with the text, so here is the link:

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